The iPhone 14 is a revolutionary device, packed with cutting-edge features that redefine the smartphone experience. One such feature that continues to be a fundamental tool for users is the ability to capture screenshots effortlessly. Whether you want to preserve a memorable conversation, save a captivating moment from a video, or document essential information, learning how to screenshot on your iPhone 14 is a must. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to screenshot on iPhone 14.

Stage 1: Locate the Energy and Quantity Keys

The first step to mastering the art of screenshots on iPhone 14 is familiarizing yourself with the physical buttons used for this purpose. The iPhone 14 features a sleek design, and you can find the power button on the right side of the device, and the volume up button on the left side.

Step 2: Identify the Content to Capture

Before capturing a screenshot, ensure that the content you want to save is displayed on your iPhone 14 screen. It could be a webpage, a chat conversation, a photo, or anything else you wish to preserve for later use.

Step 3: Press the Buttons Simultaneously

To take a screenshot on iPhone 14, simultaneously press the power button and the volume up button. Ensure you press them together at the same time and hold for a brief moment. You will notice a flash on the screen, indicating that the screenshot has been successfully captured.

Step 4: View and Edit the Screenshot

Once you’ve taken the screenshot, it will appear as a small preview thumbnail in the bottom left corner of your iPhone 14 screen. You can tap on it to access the screenshot immediately, or you can find it in the “Photos” app, under the “Screenshots” album.

The screenshot can be edited right after capturing. Simply tap the thumbnail preview, and it will open in the editing mode. You can crop, annotate, draw, add text, or use various other tools to enhance the screenshot before saving it permanently.

Step 5: Save and Share the Screenshot

After making necessary edits, tap the “Done” button in the top left corner. You will be prompted to either “Save to Photos” or “Delete Screenshot.” If you are satisfied with the screenshot, tap “Save to Photos” to store it in your camera roll.

Moreover, you can also share the screenshot directly from the editing screen. Tap the share icon (a box with an arrow pointing upwards), and choose from various sharing options, such as AirDrop, Messages, Mail, social media apps, and more.

Step 6: Additional Screenshot Features

iPhone 14 offers additional features related to screenshots:

a. Screenshot Markup: The built-in markup tool allows you to draw, write, highlight, and crop the screenshot, adding a personal touch to your captures.

b. Long Screenshot: This feature lets you capture an entire webpage or document that requires scrolling. After taking the initial screenshot, tap on the thumbnail preview, and then select “Full Page” at the top to capture the entire content.


Capturing screenshots on the iPhone 14 is a breeze with the simple combination of the power and volume up buttons. The ability to capture and share important moments or information instantaneously is an invaluable tool for users. With this step-by-step guide, you can now confidently take, edit, and share screenshots like a pro. So, unleash your creativity and make the most out of your iPhone 14’s screenshot capabilities!

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